For people who choose to fly privately, Centreline’s mission is to ensure an exceptional experience on every flight.

From flight planning to catering and use of only the best pilots for your trip, Centreline obsessively manages every detail.

A seamless and predictable journey from start to finish. It’s why our customers choose Centreline time and again.

Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Our modern fleet ranges from cost-effective light jets, right through to luxurious long-range wide-body aircraft. Whatever your mission, Centreline has a solution

King Air C90GTx


The King Air C90GTx provides further diversity to Centreline’s operation. The aircraft is ideal for journeys between regional and business airports in the UK and short hops between European Cities. The C90GTx delivers exceptional runway performance at the more restricted airfields, combined with complete passenger comfort and high performance.

Cessna Citation Jet


The popular Cessna private jet offers great comfort and style, typically holding six passengers. Our CJ2s spend summers flying travellers to the sun-kissed Mediterranean and winters delivering skiers to Alpine resorts. They are also an economical way to city hop through Europe. We have Europe’s largest fleet of CJ2’s and have been operating the type since 2007. To view our jets, click on the registration numbers below.

Embraer Phenom 300


The Phenom 300 has redefined the light jet market.  The revolutionary combination of range and ground-breaking interior design has made this aircraft the market leader in its class.  With 7 full passenger seats and a range of 1800 nautical miles this aircraft is fully equipped cover the whole of Europe with a full load of passengers in comfort levels normally reserved for larger aircraft. To view our jet, click on the registration number below.

Embraer Legacy 500

Super Mid-Sized

The Embraer Legacy 500 sets new standards in passenger comfort, technology and reliability. It is noticeably quieter than other aircraft its size. This super mid-sized jet can fly to the US or Middle East from Europe. It has a spacious stand-up cabin with full wet galley and roomy flushing toilet. The cabin seats up to nine passengers or four lie-flat beds. To view our jets, click on the registration number below.

Dassault Falcon 8X


The Falcon 8X is the latest version of Dassault’s hugely popular range. This ultra-long-range jet is capable of a non-stop flight across 6,450 nm, it’s excellent range links European customers to routes including Singapore and Cape Town. This aircraft is designed to enhance the travel experience of its passengers with one of the quietest and most comfortable cabins in the industry, accessibility to shorter runways and state of the art technologies designed to maximise crew performance and safety.
View our Falcon 8x

Our Bases

Global Operations

Our jets are based within easy reach of most UK cities and we operate globally.


Empty legs

Empty Legs

Empty legs are the by-product of servicing our charter flights. At times, we need to move our aircraft to their next destination with an empty cabin. If these empty leg flights are in the same general direction that you want to fly, you can experience private jet flying at a significant saving.

Thu 5th Aug
Malaga to Bristol
Thu 5th Aug
Leeds Bradford to Jersey
Thu 5th Aug
London to Cork
Thu 5th Aug
London to Glasgow
Thu 5th Aug
London to Bristol
Thu 5th Aug
Leeds Bradford to Bristol