Image of Mykonos, Greece - Centreline destination.

A luxurious Greek island in the Aegean Sea, Mykonos offers scenic views throughout the day with white Cycladic architecture against the deep blue sea in the daytime, where at night, the bays and harbours are filled with shimmering lights where you can enjoy the glamour of the evening social scene.

This low-lying sun drenched Cycladic island is filled with relaxing beaches where you can unwind. The Kanalia region on the west of the island is known for its raw natural beauty and pristine shores, or you can take a more exhilarating trip around the coastline to try sea parachuting or jet skiing at Eliá or Kalafátis.

For a taste of luxury, the best time in Mykonos is sunset. The ultimate way to see the golden landscape is on a sunset yacht cruise where you can take in the peaceful surroundings before heading in land to enjoy the chic bars, tavernas, boutiques and art galleries.

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