Centreline’s engineering team have this week completed another ADS-B OUT upgrade, this time on an FAA registered CJ1 that is a private customer.

Both Garmin GTX330D transponders were upgraded to ADS-B capable units, and the Garmin GPS400 was upgraded to a GPS400W version through the manufacturer. The aircraft was modified by replacing the GPS antenna with a WAAS version of the same footprint, so no structural modifications required. Wiring modifications were carried out to connect the GPS receiver and the transponders to allow the precision GPS data to be transmitted. This is a very straightforward upgrade that could be applied to any CJ,CJ1 or CJ2 aircraft that has the same units fitted. No serial number restrictions apply.

For more information on Centreline’s maintenance and modification capabilities or to request a proposal, please contact us at dan.water@centreline.aero.